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Product Portfolio
Gel Packs are a type of refrigerant/phase change material that are used to maintain specific temperature profiles during the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of temperature-sensitive products. These packs play a critical role in preserving the quality and efficacy of biological medical products, such as vaccines, blood or blood components, allergenic extracts, gene therapy products, recombinant therapeutic proteins, and tissue or living cells used as therapeutics.
At the heart of the Gel Pack is a refrigerant gel that is designed to absorb and release heat at specific temperatures, effectively regulating the temperature of the surrounding environment. This allows the product to maintain a stable temperature throughout the entire cold chain, ensuring that the product remains viable and effective until it reaches the end user.
Gel Packs come in a variety of forms, including soft gel packs, cold foam bricks, and hard gel packs. Soft gel packs are typically used in applications where flexibility is needed, while cold foam bricks are ideal for larger shipments. Hard gel packs, on the other hand, are designed for use in more rugged environments, where the product may be exposed to impact or rough handling.
Overall, Gel Packs are an essential component of the cold chain for temperature-sensitive products. Their ability to maintain a specific temperature profile throughout the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution process ensures that these products remain effective and safe for use, even under challenging conditions. With their proven track record of success, Gel Packs are a trusted solution for preserving the quality and efficacy of temperature-sensitive products in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food production.