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Products We Offer

Products We Offer

D. S. Enterprises manufactures passive refrigerant products in the 2-8 degree C.

Key products available are:

  • GEL PACK REFRIGERANT COOLANT POUCHES (2-8 DEGREES C): Flexible refrigeration cold packs & Nontoxic used for safe transportation of temperature sensitive products which require cold room condition to maintain quality, effectiveness, freshness & integrity. Popularly known as Ice Packs or Gel packs, these products have a high cold retention capacity as compared to wet or dry ice. These are long-lasting, economical and providing superior protection for temperature sensitive material. This is best used for transport of fresh foods, lab samples, vaccines, fish, seafood, meat, fruit, flowers, etc. for up to 30 hours depending on size of the gel pack, ambient conditions and quality of packing boxes.


  • HDPE GEL FILLED BOTTLE BASED COOLANTS (2-8 DEGREES C ): These products are ideal for use when rigidity or reusability are required, or when rough environments or reuse are required. Nontoxic robust and resistant cold pack, rigid HDPE thermal (bottle form) cold pack offers excellent performance in terms of resistance to breakage and compression. Reusable & designed to maintain products at refrigerated temperatures throughout the cold chain, the Gel bottle provides resistance to breakage and compression. Used for refrigerated transport of vaccines, pharmaceutical products, reagents, serums, insulin, samples and other heat-sensitive products that need to be transported at refrigerated temperatures. Ideal for reuse, rough environments and long haul.

  • Phenolic foam, OPEN CELL FOAM BRICK REFRIGERANT(2-8 DEGREES C): Superior in cold retention, the product outlasts all our other refrigerants due to an even rate of heat absorption, ideal for tightly fitting packaging configurations. Globally popular because of its ability to retain its shape, light weight and excellent cold retention properties. Foam used is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and are totally safe to handle. Suitable for transporting products at refrigerated temperatures, such as vaccines, insulin, biological samples, reagents, medicines and perishable products.

  • Our segment of high level disinfectants - endGERM has used chemistry, biology, and engineering to create highly effective disinfectants and sterilants. We have products that can be used directly on the human skin to destroy germs. We also have products that can be used on inanimate items and medical equipment, to both disinfect and chemically sterilize them. Products details are available on the site -